Christos Poutziouris the founder of Poutziouris Law firm is a specialist criminal law advocate and has successfully defended and tried hundreds of cases at first instance and on appeal in the Cyprus courts.

Christos Poutziouris has been a member of the Cypriot Bar Association since 1986 and has won over 100 criminal cases. He is held in high regard by his peers and the legal community for his honesty, trustworthiness and unrivaled knowledge of the law.

Poutziouris Law Firm offers excellent criminal defense services for all types of criminal offences including computer and internet based offences which have become more common in today’s society.

Christos Poutziouris and his criminal defense team are always on hand to advise you as to your best interests no matter what situation you find yourself, with up to date and relevant legal advice.  

You can view a selection of Christos decisions on our track record page which will link you to CY Law where you can view all his court decisions.  

For any advice in relation to our above services or any other criminal law matters please contact our offices.


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