The Cyprus International Trust Law 2012 has made Cyprus into one of the most favourable trust jurisdictions in Europe.

A Trust is an arrangement whereby one person (the settlor) gives legal title of some interest such as property or shares to another person (the trustee) in order to hold on trust for a third person of their choice known as the beneficiary.

A simple example of a trust is a Father appointing a friend as trustee of his company for the benefit of his underage children. While the friend will have legal control of the company the profits and the value of the business will belong to the children.

Trusts are different to wills in that they become effective immediately unlike a will which only becomes effective upon death.

With a Trust your Privacy is assured as it does not have to be publicly filed on the will’s register at the court and the extent of the trust’s assets is only disclosed to the trustee and the beneficiary.

With an International Cyprus Trust you can manage and protect your assets in Cyprus or abroad.