Poutziouris Law Firm are English and Greek speaking lawyers based in Larnaca, Cyprus. We believe in standing up for everyone’s basic human rights and the pursuit of justice for all. 


The creation of the European Union has extended to the citizens of the EU the right of free movement of Goods & Services, Capital and People throughout the whole of the European Union. This has promoted an increase in cross border trade and the immigration of professionals to and from different member states.

When migrating to an EU member state for work or as a family member, as an EU National or as a national of a third country, each member state is bound to follow domestic law, decisions of the European Court of Justice, European directives and regulations with regard to your application to stay in that country. The application process can be difficult without the right guidance and if you don’t know the rights afforded to you by EU Law.

These rights in conjunction with the founding principles of the EU and the European Court of Human rights also protect you from discrimination and ensure that you are treated equally in areas such as employment, public procurement, and immigration in which ever member state you may be.

In the case that you have been treated unfairly by a member state or an authority of the member state you may be entitled to appeal to the European Court of Justice or the European court of Human Rights if the dispute cannot be settled at the domestic court level. 

Poutziouris Law Firm represents its clients before the domestic courts in Cyprus, the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights for the enforcement of their rights provided for by the relevant Treaties, Conventions, Regulations and Directives.

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