Lawyer, Advocate, Solicitor & Legal Advisor in Cyprus are one in the same due to Cyprus’ 'fused' legal profession.


This means that a Cypriot Lawyer is capable of handling your case from the advisory stage of proceedings up to and in any court procedure in domestic or European Courts.

In other common law jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom the legal profession is split. This means that there are distinctions between the qualifications, capabilities and expertise of different lawyers. For instance Licensed Conveyancers are lawyers that deal strictly with the transfer of land and are not capable of representing you in court. The most well-known ‘split’ in the English legal system is between Solicitors and Barristers. While the first is responsible for the preparation and pre-trial procedure of a case the later specializes in open court proceedings and is usually employed by a solicitor for that purpose.

It has been argued that a split legal profession provides more expertise in any given subject and can be more beneficial to a client. However a client may require more than one legal professional and can incur more costs than they would in a fused legal system where only one lawyer is needed for filing and representing you in court.

Poutziouris Law Firm employs legal professionals that can deal with any problem in a cost effective and specialist manner from the beginning to the end. Christos Poutziouris, our specialist advocate and the founder of Poutziouris Law Firm and his litigation team are dedicated to providing you with cost effective legal services.

More information about the legal profession and court system in Cyprus can be found at the following links.